Hourly parent or student/parent consultations are available for 8th graders through rising juniors on course selection, summer programs, selecting activities, opportunities for leadership and volunteering, goal setting, merit aid vs. financial aid, the realities of being recruited as a collegiate athlete, or anything else of particular concern to your family. Hourly students have priority for comprehensive application packages.

An hourly package (10-hour minimum blocks) is available at a reduced price.

Pricing: $125/hour

Application Packages

There are two package options:

The comprehensive package starts during junior year and continues through National Decision Day on May 1st of senior year. Every student and every story is unique. With a comprehensive package, I don’t track hours, so your teen gets the attention I gave to my children. Parents are involved in big decisions and receive regular progress emails. You enjoy peace of mind knowing that the application process is under control.

I steer the process with the collaborative package, but you drive it. You meet regularly with your teen to work through my curriculum and we meet together at set points to check in and review the next steps. Essay Mentoring is included. I would have chosen this option with my oldest daughter as I wanted to be actively involved with my teen but experienced a steep learning curve without professional guidance!

Both options include access to my online management program, which includes a robust college research database and progress tracking.
Pricing: $3850-$5500.