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EMPOWER COLLEGE CONSULTING is dedicated to guiding families through the college admissions process, from picking schools to polishing essays. Hiring an independent educational consultant (IEC) as your college advisor reduces family stress and empowers your teen to thrive — through the entire process and beyond!

  • Where are you in the process? Are you starting early or late, or do you know?
  • Are you stressed due to an older sibling’s experience, even if it was successful?
  • Is your teen a potential collegiate athlete and are you confused about recruiting?
  • Does your teen know what type of college or university (size, vibe, location, major) might be ideal (a good “fit”)? But is that type of college a fit for your budget? 
  • Where do you even start with college essays? What do admissions want to see?
  • Regardless of where you are in the process, I’m here to help. My name is Lisa Harrison and I’m a trained IEC located in Orange County, California who specializes in undergraduate admissions. I work remotely with all my clients regardless of locale. Whether you’re in need of quick advice or a professional to guide your teen through the entire admissions process, please reach out for a free consultation.

I founded Empower College Consulting after finding success and enjoyment in guiding our oldest child through the process in 2015. That journey started with a hundred yellow sticky notes in a Fiske Guide to Colleges book. Since then, I completed a seven-course certificate program as an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC) through UC Irvine, joined the Higher Education Consultants Association, toured over 30 schools, edited hundreds of essays, and officially launched Empower College Consulting. I thoroughly enjoy mentoring students through this transformative period and am proud of my student’s successes.

My background includes an M.A. in communication theory/public relations from CSUF and a B.A. in psychology from Claremont McKenna College, where I competed in DIII swimming. Before raising children, I worked in marketing research and strategic communications for a national firm. College advising brings together my strengths of research, writing, editing, and a genuine connection with teens. I live in Orange County, CA, with my husband and our youngest, a rising junior, plus a bevy of pets. Higher education is a value in our family, one I’m excited to share with my teen clients who are just awakening to the amazing opportunities ahead!